Drink & Draw: Why Art & Alcohol Are A Great Combo

Drink & Draw: Why Art & Alcohol Are a Great Combo

Have you heard the news? Our popular Drink & Draw Masterclass is back! This time, we’ve partnered with Mumm Terroir to bring you our very own sexy spin on a Masterclass classic. Keep reading and we bet you’ll be drawing your wildest fantasies in no time. 


Drink & Draw classes are a ton of fun. Haven’t experienced one yet? You’re missing out! Here’s exactly why you should give Drink & Draw classes a go. 


Need we say more? Probably not… buuuut here we go anyway. You already know we have got you covered when it comes to a cheeky bev to get the party and the creative juices flowing. So here’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for;  the beverages of the night AKA your healthy dose of liquid courage. It doesn’t get better than sipping away on our Mumm Terroir range; Mumm Marlborough, Mumm Marlborough Rosé & Mumm Tasmania. 



Looking for an extra boost of confidence? Well, you have come to the right place AKA Flour Child. We literally have shelves filled with all your alcoholic desires. If you find yourself getting a touch thirsty and our drinks on offer aren’t quite doing it for you, we have a bunch of other delicious cocktails our team will be happy to whip up for you. 


Scan that QR code on any of our tables and before you know it, a delicious cocktail could be sitting right in front of you for an additional price. Need some good recommendations? Our fan fav Marshmallow Martini will give you that extra confidence boost you’ve been waiting for.


Liquid courage (at a responsible level) is always a great way to get your confidence up and is usually the reason why our besties somehow convince us to do stuff that our sober self wouldn’t even dream of. Let’s be real, a confidence boost goes a long way and that’s exactly how it helps here. 



Staring at a blank canvas or page can be intimidating. But, pairing that with a little liquid encouragement can help you create a masterpiece as you loosen up and draw your wildest fantasies. 


The truth is, we all have a creative side! When you come along to our Drink & Draw class, we don’t wanna hear how bad of an artist you may think you are! With a little bit of guidance from our team,  you may very well be the next up and coming Picasso! 


We have created the best Drink & Draw Masterclass in Melbourne! When we do something, we do it better than most and our very own Drink & Draw Masterclass is no exception. 


We are bringing SEXY back to Flour Child. Join us for a sexy Drink & Draw Masterclass where you’ll be just a touch away from the man of your dreams AKA the hunk of the evening and your live model. 


What’s a Drink and Draw without some bubbles and pinsa pizza to really get you started?


Monday 22nd May | 6:30pm | $59pp 


Enter into one of the most iconic Drink & Draw classes! We’ll be bringing the sexy and some of the best sips and tips so you can walk away drawing just like an expert. 


Spoiler alert: Don’t be alarmed if you walk out feeling like the next Picasso of our generation. It might just be the bubbly talking butttt we’d like to think we had a little part to play😉


What to expect: 

  • Overview and tasting of Mumm Terroir range
  • Pinsa Romana per person
  • Learn to draw class with live model
  • What are you waiting for?

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