Is Your Mum The Next Marie Kondo?


Oh hey Mum, nice of you to spend some time with us. So let’s cut to the chase cos we already know your to do list is growing by the second and yeh your time is valuable blah blah blah.


Nah for reals tho…we do love ya and we see you Michelle. You have lists going for dayssss. It’s not a rare site to see you rushing out the door wearing mismatched shoes and your top backwards. We love ya but let’s be real this Mumma needs a chill pill on the ASAPs. She’s always got her hands full and hardly has time to breathe yet she always makes time for ya. Pair this with a Chili marg and you could be in for a VERY rowdy night.


 Cindy, we see your organisational skills, and well tbh, they do be well and truly through the roof. Although Marie Kondo sure won’t admit it, they may just secretly be one upping her in that department… but don’t you worry it can be our little secret. For such an organised mumma bear it would only be fair to match a cocktail with equal parts AKA the Paper plane will go down a treat. 


OOOP and there it is. Enter the mum of all mums just like Lorelie from Gilmore girls. This Mum doesn’t run without a big cup of coffee in her hand at all times. This cocktail choice is practically staring us in the face, no other than our very own Espresso Martini duh. 


Oh Hey Maddi, you just know this mum is all kinds of extra. The name says it all she ain’t a regular mum she’s a “cool mum” and there is only one cocktail to match this magical personality… Our cotton candy cosmo of course. This mums more the relatable type, kinda like a bestie and a sister all wrapped up in one. 

So…need we say more…get your act together and get your mums on that good sh*t AKA our sexy sips. 

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