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Flour Child is a fresh, innovative creation in pizza and bar culture. We've set the new standard for pizza in Australia.

The Dough: 48 Hours In The Making

Introducing our hero product, the one and only Pinsa Romana.

It’s not just any pizza; it’s the best you’ll ever taste! Steeped in history but refreshingly new, this pizza hails from the heart of Rome, Italy, and it’s making a splash in Australia. 

What makes Pinsa Romana so special? It all starts with the unique flour, mixed and kneaded to perfection. After 48 hours of dough proving, we’ve created a base that’s irresistibly crunchy on the outside and delightfully soft in the middle.

But that’s not all! We top it with unique combinations using fresh, seasonal ingredients that will blow your mind!

How we create the best pizza in Australia

Experience the magic of Pinsa Romana, where special flour, a unique blend of Soy Flour, Rice Flour, 00 Wheat Flour, and Dry Yeast, sets us apart. Unmatched in Australia, our special recipe and one-of-a-kind mixing, kneading, rising, and stretching produce a remarkable pizza – crunchy on the outside (even when cold) and soft in the middle. With 80% hydration, higher than any other pizza in the world, say goodbye to bloating and hello to digestibility. After 48 hours of resting and fermentation, along with our unique processes, you’ll wonder how you ever ate any other pizza! Accredited by the official “Di Marco Pinsa Flour” organisation of Rome, we’re delighted to share this exceptional treat with you. Hand-stretched, never spun, our Pinsa Romana pizzas achieve even cooking – something others rarely do. Prepare for a truly remarkable pizza experience!

Salumi & cheese​

Flour Child is also a purveyor of “Salumi and Cheese”. Salumi is the collection of cold and cured meats both imported and made here In Australia. Our salumi range is complemented by the extensive range of both soft and hard cheeses. Our team, acting like a sommelier of these products, Pinsa, Salumi and cheeses will guide you on a journey of tasting and happiness.

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