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Meet Flour Child – where pizza meets cocktails, and the party never stops. We’re not your average pizzeria, we’re a cocktail bar in disguise!


We are a brand that has many facets and have some big growth plans for the next couple of years.

We are best known for our Pinsa Romana pizza, premium salumi & cheese, delicious cocktails and hosting great events.


Got skills? Join the crew! We are constantly looking for talent to join the crew and are currently recruiting for our St Kilda venue. We are also pipelining for our next two venues, scheduled to open next year. These will both be based inner-city Melbourne.


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Kitchen Crew

Our talented kitchen crew plays a crucial role in crafting and presenting authentic Italian dishes from our menu. They expertly prepare our famous Pinsa Romana pizzas and create exquisite salumi and cheese boards, all while ensuring the food is served hot and fresh for that Insta-worthy shot. Beyond peak services, they diligently prep ingredients and maintain a clean and safe kitchen environment, prioritising food safety and hygiene at all times.

Wait Crew

Our Flour Child wait crew and hosts are the embodiment of exceptional hospitality, focused on delivering a world-class guest experience. They go above and beyond to elevate our service and play a crucial role in communicating essential messages to customers about new menu additions, upcoming events, and brand features. Experience excellence with our attentive team.

Bar Crew

Our bar crew assemble and pour the iconic cocktail menu as well as standard bar offerings. They bring the action to every shift, ready to put on a show for our guests in front of our open-plan bar. Outside of peak services, they prep the garnishes required to dress our cocktails, stock and clean the bar station and of course, ensure they are well prepped and ready to rock on peak.


Our Supervisors play an integral role in running services. Their primary responsibility is ensuring we are all-systems-go prior to service. They are constantly bouncing around their areas, ensuring bottlenecks are actioned on and roadblocks are removed, allowing our crew to do what they do best. When things start to get hectic, our Supervisors step in to put everything back on track.

Kitchen Manager

At Flour Child, the Kitchen Manager takes charge of all back-of-house operations. With a wealth of passion and food expertise, they guarantee unrivaled food quality at our venues. Behind the scenes, they diligently manage stock, prioritize food safety, and maintain impeccable kitchen hygiene. As a vital member of the venue leadership team, they ensure the kitchen crew aligns with our company vision, executing it flawlessly on a daily basis. Trust in our Kitchen Manager to uphold excellence in every culinary aspect.

Bar Manager

The Bar Manager is responsible for the entire bar operation. Their primary focus is ensuring all on-floor and administrative tasks are completed in a timely manner to allow the bar crew to run effective services. They have their eyes across business priorities, working collaboratively with the leadership team to bring the brand vision to life, including an iconic drink menu.

Venue Manager

The Venue Manager is the captain of the Flour Child team. Everyone employed by the restaurant reports in to the Venue Manager and they hold the ultimate responsibility of every section of the venue. They are the glue that holds the team together and the supportive foundation that props the team up. Their four key areas of focus are; sales, people, profit and day-to-day operations.


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