The Best Bottomless Gnocchi In Melbourne!


Listen up, gnocchi aficionados, pasta lovers, foodies and practically anyone that knows how to eat! Queue the drumroll please…Melbourne, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to immerse yourself in a world of bottomless gnocchi bliss, where every forkful transports you to an Italian chef’s fantasy. So, gather your besties and get ready to embark on a gnocchi feast like no other.


Prepare yourselves for the most mind-blowing, lip-smacking, soul-satisfying ricotta gnocchi experience coming to none other than the iconic Flour Child in St Kilda. Mark your calendars for Sunday May 21st, from 12pm till late, and get ready to be mind blown by Melbourne’s finest ricotta gnocchi experience. Soon to be hitting the streets of St Kilda and your fav place ever. Brace yourself, this is the real deal – it will leave you either begging for more, or drooling over the endless portal of heavenly gnocchi in front of you. Get ready Melbourne – it’s gnocchi time!


Sure, you’ve heard of our mouth-watering pinsa pizza, and we totally get it—it’s hard to resist. But have you dared to dive into the glorious depths of our bottomless ricotta gnocchi? We’re talking unlimited refills of 3 types of flavourful pure gnocchi perfection, all for $35pp. No more holding back, besties. It’s time to unleash your gnocchi obsession and indulge without any guilt.



Well, prepare to be amazed; imagine delicate pillows of ricotta-infused perfection, melting in your mouth with each mouth-watering bite. Let’s be honest, we have well and truly taken the traditional gnocchi game and turned it on its head. Our secret recipe combines the creaminess of ricotta with just the right amount of flour, egg, and a touch of RiGo’s expertise. Trust us, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. Join us at our next masterclass and let us show you the magic behind our gnocchi perfection. Save yourself a spot now and get ready to become a gnocchi maestro!


The result? Gnocchi that’s so light, so fluffy, it’s practically out of this world. Wanna know more? Join us at our next gnocchi masterclass to discover the techniques that make them light as a feather and irresistibly fluffy.


But first, let’s address that burning Q: What exactly is ricotta gnocchi? Imagine perfectly crafted marshmallows made from the finest ricotta cheese just for you – delivering a delightful twist on the traditional potato-based gnocchi. 


We know you’re wondering how our ricotta gnocchi stacks up against the classic potato version. Let’s be real here—ricotta gnocchi is next level. It’s a flavour explosion you won’t find anywhere else and serves up just the right amount of lightness meaning you can keep digging into that endless supply and still feel pretty amazing in the process . Indulge in the delicate richness of the ricotta, delivering a creamy goodness that’ll have you addicted from the first bite. Time to step aside potato Gnocchi, you’ve been cancelled xx 


If you’re just here for a delicious feed, then look no further. Get ready to ‘gnocch yourself out’ with the best bottomless gnocchi in Melbourne. Enter our bottomless gnocchi Sundays for only $35pp. That’s right – unlimited refills of our delicious ricotta gnocchi, allowing you to truly ‘gnocch yourself out’ without holding back. Experience a feast fit for a king or queen as you devour each drool-worthy bowl, knowing that there’s always more to come.



Oh and how can we forget the most important part. Indulge in a glass of delicious wine on arrival, plus the option to add on bottomless cocktail jugs, beer and wine for only $29pp. Are you drooling yet? We wouldn’t even blame you if you were. Come hungry, leave satisfied, and devour all that our bottomless gnocchi has to offer. Book your one-way ticket to gnocchi heaven ASAP, what are you waiting for? 

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